FU-Tone Heavy Duty Noiseless Springs - RED - (3)

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Noiseless Heavy Duty Springs! 

Combining the best of both worlds of our noiseless springs and out heavy duty springs, now you can have it both ways! Introducing the new FU Noiseless Heavy Duty Springs. 

Finished in a blistering FU red polymer coating, eliminating all spring noise and adding super tension. 

FU-Tone.com, The ORIGINAL Noiseless Spring Company, is proud announce the expansion of our noiseless spring options!

Our Noiseless Springs have a polymer coating and a foam core that stops that annoying spring noise which masks your tone!

Overall spring tension is determined by the number of springs AND the position of the claw. Finding YOUR proper tension and comfort zone is simple! Video instructions in the “How To Videos” section of this site.


  • Uncoated Heavy Duty Springs – A good option for those who like a traditional spring sound.
  • YELLOW – Super soft, noiseless and springy! 
  • BLACK – Traditional or Standard Tension with the added Noiseless Feature!
  • RED – Our Most Popular Noiseless Spring. Heavy Duty Tension and Silent!
  • PURPLE – Super Heavy Duty and Noiseless!


  • Model: FU-HD-NS-RD


(No reviews yet) Write a Review