With over 30 years experience the MorMusic repair team have most probably
repaired more guitars in Yorkshire than anyone else. They have probably forgotten more about guitars
than many others know and  have toured extensively and have worked on literally thousands of guitars since the
mid 80’s.
As well as repairs to the general public we have worked on many celebrity instruments and are
renowned as the team to trust for quality repairs and servicing.

From a restring to a refret all carried out in our bespoke workshop which has been subject to significant
investment in tooling and procedures which ensure that the quality of our work is second to none. We
keep many spare parts in stock ready to get your guitar back in action as soon as possible.
Where others work from home/garage we have committed time and resources to provide the best
environment for you and your prized instrument. With £10,000,000 of liability insurance you can rest
assured that we will care for your instrument as if it was our own. We never over work either. No nasty
extras on your bill. Our aim is to give you an instrument that would be able to go on tour straight away or
sit in your front room, always ready to play.
We are also an Authorised Fu-tone and Floyd Rose dealer and are able to carry out all repairs, servicing
and upgrades to all Floyd Rose equipped guitars. Having worked on these since the early 80’s no-one
has any more experience of locking tremolos than us.
Being a Seymour Duncan Pro Shop means that you get the best service from us. We both use Seymour
Duncan in our own guitars and recommend them unequivocally. Which means we like them.

If you can imagine it, we have probably already done it. A lot. Even down to a Bigsby on an acoustic
guitar. Really. It was emotional.

You could take your guitar to your mate Kevs dad,
You could take your guitar to someone's garage.
You could take your guitar to somone working out of their garden shed.
You could take your guitar to someone without a proper shop.
You could take your guitar to someone with less experience.
You could take your guitar to another store, and then bring it to us after an unsuccessful result-People do.

And we still enjoy righting these wrongs. Like a musical superhero tag team armed with fret files and soldering irons.

Let us be your Guitardian Angels and get in touch, it might just change your life. (Possibly).

But one thing you can be assured of is that it will definitely play and sound a lot better.






Contact us now with your repair questions!