Great players you may not know ( or remember! )

Posted by Phil on 26th Apr 2017

So, i was thinking the other day about my influences and whilst they're mainly guys like Eddie Van Halen, Warren Demartini etc i started thinking of some of the other guitarists that influenced me whe … read more
Floyds at the ready!

Floyds at the ready!

Posted by Phil on 29th Jul 2016

So, I had a really exciting conversation with Adam at this week.... the outcome of which is that we are now an authorised FU-Tone installation centre :-)We've done our first order which is … read more

Lets talk about top nuts....

Posted by Phil on 16th Nov 2015

I bet you've all picked up a guitar and instantly felt that something was wrong? Was it that "F" barre chord that felt like you needed a hydraulic press to push your fingers down? Or was it … read more