Floyds at the ready!

Posted by Phil on 29th Jul 2016

Floyds at the ready!

So, I had a really exciting conversation with Adam at fu-tone.com this week.... the outcome of which is that we are now an authorised FU-Tone installation centre :-)

We've done our first order which is currently winging it's way over the pond which includes brass blocks for original Floyd Rose, Ibanez Edge and loads of amazing titanium hardware!!!!!

For me ( Those of you that know me will understand lol ) the Floyd is the best tremolo ever designed, i know some people are a bit apprehensive about them but they're the only trem i've really used since 1987, it stays in tune like nothing else and sounds great!  

But however good something is...it can always be improved...On floyds, the block is small and made out of cheap metal....even worse is the FRT-1000 which looks exactly the same but it has a bent baseplate instead on a milled one.... if you have a newer Charvel etc thats not an original Floyd on there Sir...oh no its only the same in looks...And don't get me started on the later Ibanez Edge trems.....

So how do we improve the Floyd.....change the trem block thats how...going to a brass block will make a huge difference to the tone.. in fact the one thing that people talk about with a Floyd is that to their ears it makes a guitar sound "Thin"....well, let me tell you with a brass block it sounds anything but thin!

Spending £50 or so plus install costs for a new block will transform your guitar.... its a small price to pay (And yes...all of my Floyd guitars are getting them installed!) While its on the bench why not replace those rounded off saddle locks with some titanium ones and change the little string blocks too.....Why not have some noiseless  springs fitted too?For less than good night on the town you can transform your locking tremolo equipped guitar!( And you won't have a hangover in the morning ;-) )

Of course don't just take my word for it.....these guys are FU-Tone users and that speaks for itself :-)