I've just installed FU-Tone Upgrades on my own Guitar...

Posted by Phil on 8th Aug 2016

I've just installed FU-Tone Upgrades on my own Guitar...

So, the first batch of FU-Tone products landed in the UK this week so the first thing i've done is upgrade my own guitar :-)

As per my previous posts you'll know i'm a fan of the 80's superstrat...so the first victim was my old Kramer Pacer Holoflash!

So.... did it make a difference?

Yes...its a massive difference to my ears, unplugged there's a lot more resonance and its certainly louder...plugged in its got a nice hump in the mids which i really like..so brass block.....YES!

My major issue with original Floyds is that after a lot of gigs the blocks in the saddles stick and then its a real pain in the back side to even change the strings...so i've replaced my blocks with titanium ones..ok they're not cheap but neither are 10 sets of schaller ones over the years...so over time these will be cheaper. I also replaced all the saddle lock screws with stainless... gone is the creaking when you tighten the screw and they're not going to rust up due to sweat and beer.... I also replaced the trem springs with HD ones....they certainly have a lot more tension in them...in fact i went from 3 springs to 2 and still had to slacken the claw off a bit!

So was it worth it...its a resounding yes from me, the guitar sounds better and more than that its more reliable due to the stainless hardware...I really love the engineering of the FU-Tone products and i'm sure you will too!