Manson MBM-1 Meta Series Matthew Bellamy Signature Satin Black

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Make your sound supermassive. The Manson Meta MBM-1 Matthew Bellamy signature guitar is a sight to behold. Boasting Manson designed pickups, it is primed to take your sound to a whole new level, matching the sonic genius of Matt Bellamy himself. The inclusion of a kill button, which kills your sound when you press it, gives you tonnes of room to experiment with different effects. You'll be able to write music with a fresh, new approach. And the satin-finished maple neck will have your fingers flying up the fretboard like a Knight of Cydonia. Boasting Bellamy's signature on the headstock and a whole load of character, this guitar will be the starlight to guide your musical journey...


Magical Manson designed pickups

Teeming with tone. As you would expect from a Matt Bellamy signature, the pickups are out of this world. Designed by Manson, they reflect Bellamy's own unique and powerful tone, giving you one outstanding sound to work with. Your licks will have a high octane, high output voicing, and will likely cause mass hysteria in any crowd due to these pickups' perfect articulation. Ideal for crunchy, rock-driven tones and making energetic, dynamic music, they'll spark your creativity and bring you a universe of sonic possibilities.

A license to kill

Stun the crowd. The inclusion of a kill switch on the Meta MBM-1 adds something extra special to this guitar's sound and capabilities. When pressed, it will instantly cut the guitar's sound, allowing you to create a whole array of dramatic music effects. You'll be able to make a stuttering, tremolo-like sound by pressing it rapidly, and give all your chords and riffs a new edge. It's the ultimate show-stopper, and will bring a new level of excitement to your music.

Pro playing

Sleek and ready for action. The maple neck adorning this guitar will provide you will total control. Adding a bright resonance to its powerful voice, it'll give your notes an extra touch of punch. It also feels superbly smooth to the touch, allowing your hand to sail down its surface for excellent playability. Coming with Bellamy's signature emblazoned on the headstock, this is a guitar which exhibits true character and style, just like Bellamy himself. Become the performer you were born to be.



  • Model Name: Manson Meta MBM-1 Matthew Bellamy, Satin Black
  • PC: MBM-1 SBLK
  • Body Material: Basswood

Neck and Fingerboard

  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Neck Finish: Satin
  • Fretboard: Jatoba

Hardware and Electronics

  • Pickups: Manson Designed Humbuckers


  • Additional features: Kill Button, Matt Bellamy Signature on Headstock


(No reviews yet) Write a Review