Vintage V62 ProShop Unique - Blonde Heavy Relic

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Product Overview

For years now, our technicians and designers have been listening to suggestions from players all around the world. We've taken those ideas and built unique personal guitars for some of the hardest working musicians in the music industry and gone on to incorporate many of their ideas into ProShop 'Unique', one-off masterpieces and Vintage ICON and ReIssued models.

Aside from the attention to the fine details of the superb aesthetics, every ProShop guitar comes with a full ProShop Plus in-house set-up, offering superb playability whilst fitted out with the finest high quality hardware to deliver guitars that exceed the expectations of today's discerning guitarists.

Each guitar includes a Vintage branded luxury gig bagProShop leather strappicktintee-shirt and ProShop certificate of authenticity.

Please note that each ProShop guitar is unique & will be made for you varying from the photos with each having it's own unique markings & characteristics to reflect this.

Please contact us for availability & current lead time.

The Blonde Heavy Relic V62PU001 is the result of the Vintage ProShop team of skilled craftsmen, who have spent many hours sanding and working with hand tools, on the original Vintage ICON Series V62, already a guitar highly respected by guitar players around the world, for its worn visual image, playability and superb sound.  

The original Ash Blonde finish has expertly been taken right back in large areas, revealing areas of the Eastern Poplar body that’s suffered years of rock and roll wear and tear.  

The headstock has the mandatory dings and scrapes, while the ProShop team - all guitar players themselves - have expertly worked on the maple neck to call to mind, literally miles of hand movements over the years, creating a super smooth action.  

All hardware, including Wilkinson WJ55S patented E-Z-Lok machine heads, Wilkinson WTB compensating bridge have also been meticulously aged with subtle tarnishing to blend into the pre-worn picture. 

Whilst the Blonde Heavy Relic V62PU001 is indeed a visually stunning guitar, super cool for an on stage or video guitar, with polished frets and a tone packed lignum rosa fingerboard, this guitar is acoustically alive with natural dynamics sustain and resonance. 

Hook up and you immediately understand why the Bare Knuckle Blackguard Tele® Series- 68 is the perfect choice for this exquisite guitar. With smaller diameter magnets and a much lighter wind, the '68 Stagger coils deliver period correct sonics. There’s serious bite in the high-end with an extremely percussive tone and lively dynamics. 

The Blonde Heavy Relic evokes an image of a much-loved guitar that for decades, has been used and abused whilst paying its dues, a seriously relice’d guitar that’s been your lifetime friend with a finish that musicians love to own. 

With meticulous attention paid to the fine details of this superb instrument, we salute the luthiery skills of the Vintage ProShop team who also give the Blonde Heavy Relic V62PU001 a full ProShop set up that includes; 

  • Fret-level, crown and polish.
  • Fingerboard dress and comfort treatment.
  • Truss rod adjustment and set.
  • Action height, radius, intonation and pickup height adjustment.
  • Nut slot regulation.

Standard guitar specifications

Eastern poplar body provides resonance, tone and ‘correct weight’ comfort, enhanced with correctly radiused contoured body. 

The Wilkinson WTB intonatable bridge featured on the Vintage Heavy Relic V62PU001 is a masterpiece of design, eliminating age-old intonation problems often found in three saddle, fixed bridge designs. 

Bare Knuckle Blackguard Tele® Series- 68 are the perfect choice, with smaller diameter magnets and a much lighter wind, the '68 Stagger coils deliver period correct sonics, with serious bite in the high-end with an extremely percussive tone and lively dynamics. 

Single master Volume and Tone controls with three-way pickup selector switch. 

Machine Heads: 
Wilkinson WJ55S patented E-Z-Lok machine heads. Simple, effective locking action for increased tuning stability. 

Hard rock Maple with classic Vintage ‘soft C’ profile for instant comfort, speed, accuracy and great feel. 

Traditional 10" radius fingerboard provides positive feel and superior playability. 

Scale Length:
25.5" / 648mm.

22 Medium profile frets add to comfort, accuracy and overall positive feel of the Vintage V62. 

43mm Graphite nut, smooth and friction free. 

Classic Vintage headstock design for balance and visual appeal. 



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