Magneto Handmade Japanese T-Wave - Vanilla Fudge

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The T-Wave is a tribute to the creators of the magical tones and grooves which set the base for today's popular music. Following the "Tone-Influent" Shape concept, the T-Wave was designed to cross the boundaries of today's typical 2 pickup guitars.

The combination of a North American Alder body, a Hard Rock Maple neck and an Indian Rosewood fingerboard builds the base of the T-Wave's rich tone. The Magneto "Tune-O-Flex" bridge was engineered to fit today's playing styles while keeping the classic vibes and tones of a vintage bridge. Of equal importance is the matching pair of pickups; the MPPN-95 and MPTC-1 were both created to give the T-Wave its unique sound that clearly defines it as a premium instrument for blues, jazz, country or rock.

  • 24TW1RCVF
  • American Alder Body.
  • Hard Rock Maple Neck.
  • E. Indian Rosewood Fretboard.
  • Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer.
  • 25.5" Scale.
  • Supplied with Mag-Lite case.
  • Gotoh tuners
  • CTS pots

All Handmade Magneto Guitars Feature:

  • Every guitar is custom-handmade by experienced luthiers.
  • Specially selected and seasoned North American body and neck tonewoods.
  • Custom pickups specifically wound for each guitar model.
  • Custom bridges made by Gotoh using cold rolled steel or brass materials.
  • Oiled cow bone nuts.
  • Quick-Set truss rod system.
  • CRL switches, CTS pots, Switchcraft output jacks.
  • Hand-rubbed nitrocellulose body and neck finishes.
  • Fully shielded pickup cavities and pickguards.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review